Cutting & StylingSenior StylistCreative StylistScott Banks
Blow Dry£22.50£22.50£22.50
Cut & Finish£45.00£50.00£55.00
Restyle / Long Cut & Finish£50.00£55.00£60.00
Hair Up (inc blow dry)£45.00£45.00£45.00
Gents Cut & Finish£28.00£30.00£33.00
ColouringOur TeamMaster Colour Expert
Colour Fresh / Cellopanes-£25.00£25.00
Semi-Permanent Colour from-£45.00£50.00
Permanent Roots & Refresh from-£45.00£50.00
Permanent Full Head Colour from-£50.00£55.00
1/2 Head of Foil Highlights from-£60.00£65.00
Short Full Head of Foil Highlights from-£65.00£70.00
Medium Full Head of Foil Highlights from-£75.00£80.00
Long Full Head of Foil Highlights from-£85.00£90.00
Short 1/2 Head of Foils & Tint In-between from-£65.00£70.00
Medium 1/2 Head of Foils & Tint In-between from-£75.00£80.00
Long 1/2 Head of Foils & Tint In-between from-£85.00£90.00
Toner After Full Head Bleach from-£15.00£15.00
Short Instamatics from-£40.00£45.00
Long Instamatics from-£45.00£50.00
Hairline Tint from-£22.00£22.00
Cleanse from-£15.00£15.00
Gents Highlights from-£45.00£50.00
Individual Foils each-£2.50£2.50

Please note you will require a skin sensitivity test 48 hours prior to your service for all colours that have contact with the scalp.

New Clients

New clients get £10 off your first visit to us just print off the voucher (excludes evolution).

New Client Voucher